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Absolutely No Frame Breakers, Popups, Popins, PopUnders, PopOvers, ExitExchanges, Prompt Popups, Auto Downloads, Malicious Scripts, Flyin Ads, Slide-in Ads, Paid-To-Promote sites, Hop.Clickbank sites, blogspot.com sites, sites with hidden I-frames, Ad Trackers, Rotators, Redirections or Forwards to a different URL than submitted (includes tinyurl, linkbrander or any other url redirect/cloaking service). No Adult, Warez or Illegal Content or links to them! Please DO NOT submit them, they will be deleted with all credits lost! Free members are allowed to have 10 URL's and PRO members unlimited URL's. Free members are allowed to have 2 sites and PRO members 5 sites with the same URL/Domain ONLY! User's banners size 468x60 is allowed only. NO DUPLICATED banners. If users don't activate new accounts within 7 days, their accounts will be deleted. Members must have at least one valid site in rotation at all times with credits assigned. Sites without credits and members without active sites will be deleted. Accounts inactive for more than 90 days will be deleted from the system. If users repeatedly acts against our Terms & Conditions, their accounts will be deleted. We reserve the right to delete any account without at least one active website or even without any cause or notification. By signing up you agree to receive emails from the site's admin from time to time. Should you no longer wish to receive messages, you must delete your account. Any payments made to upgrade your account, to buy site credits, to buy banner impressions, or any other service or product we provide are non-refundable. We are not responsible for any credits or services incorrectly used. Do not spam in any way. If you are caught spamming your account will be terminated immediately and you will be charged a $100 administration fee and any other legal fees that may occur. We may, at any time, make changes to these terms, which take effect immediately, without giving any prior notice. You agree to abide by any future changes to our terms. You may only sign up for one account. If you are deleted you will not be eligible to sign up for a new account. If you are caught trying to cheat the system your account will be terminated immediately and will be charged for any credits that you have stolen plus a $100 administration fee and any other fees for legal action. If any member causes any harm or damage or is responsible for Rika Surf being shut down for any reason you will be charged a $100 administration fee plus any fees involved in getting Rika Surf up and running again and any legal fees that might occur.

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